Cape Backup

Back up your data today!

The purpose of this website, the sole purpose… is to convince you to take an action to insure that your computer is backed up. Laptops especially need to be backed up. If it is a computer, back it up.

There are two basic methods of backup. Local, like an external hard drive, and remote, like Backblaze. Both are good, and this site recommends both for most people.

A solid well designed backup plan provides insurance against all kinds of computer issues. Malware attacks, user error, flood, theft, electrical issues, and mechanical failure to name a few. What is your peace of mind worth? Remember, your clients and customers depend on you to have backups of your business data.

Most businesses require remote and local backup. Computers are certainly more reliable today than even just a few years ago. And your business even more important mission critical data to protect. Almost everything is electronic and therefore a proper backup plan is more necessary than ever.

And this does not mean that you home users are out of the woods by any means. Family photos, video projects, MUSIC, spreadsheets, school papers, and more all need to be backed up.

So do whatever it takes to get your computer backed up today. Because when you really WISH you had backed it up, well, that is most definitely too late.