Backup Your Data

Are you backed up RIGHT NOW?

backup your computer

As each business day progresses, our computer becomes more customized to our specific needs with the new data that our business requires. Whether it be the most recent video edit for the ad you are producing for a client, or simply the name and contact info of your newest potential client, each day your computer (specifically the data on your hard drive) becomes more custom tailored to YOUR business and the value of the business data increases.

So, when you install that new software that for some unknown reason renders your computer into a brick, or your laptop falls off the desk and hits just the wrong way and happens to corrupt your 5000 cell spreadsheet, a proper backup really and truly does come in handy.

Backup plans also become increasingly more complex as the amount of data increases, or the complexity of the data increases, such as MS Exchange or SQL databases.

ATTENTION: If you have software that uses SQL or other proprietary databases, you would be well advised to have your software professional make sure that the right data is being backed up. Backblaze, as good as it is, does not backup SQL server level data without the appropriate settings. Essentially, it will backup the BACKUP of the SQL database, not the live database. And this needs to be specifically setup within the SQL server software.

backup your computer